A Brief Guide to Asphalt Repair in Dallas, TX

When something looks off about your Dallas driveway, private road, parking lot, signage support, etc., it's a good idea to start thinking about repairs. The sooner you respond to damage on asphalt or concrete, the less you're ultimately going to spend on those repairs; it's the nature of these materials that small areas of damage will quickly grow in to more expensive, dangerous problems. In today's post, we'll discuss the signs to look for, how to choose a contractor, and how to care for your asphalt to minimize your need for asphalt repair Dallas.

Signs you need repairs

Not sure whether it's time to contact a Dallas asphalt repair specialist or not? Damage to asphalt or concrete comes in many forms; make sure you know how to look for it. These five categories of damage aren't the only problems you might encounter with asphalt, but they encompass the vast majority of potential problems.

Cracks. Cracks in your asphalt should always get your attention, whatever the type. There are two forms of crack in asphalt which deserve immediate attention from a professional. The first are so-called 'alligator cracks', which are shallow cracks across the surface of a large portion of concrete or aspalt, in a way that resembles an alligator's skin or a spider's web. The second are cracks which are expanding or deepening over time.

Discoloration. Discolored asphalt can occur for any number of reasons, none of which is a good sign for the long-term health of the structure. It can be a sign that treatments such as sealcoating have worn thin or worn away completely, a sign that your asphalt is reaching the end of its lifespan and will need complete replacement soon, or a sign of chemical wear damaging the bonds of the material.

Shifting. When a driveway, parking lot, or other asphalt structure begins to buckle, raise, or otherwise move, it's tiem to contact a specialist and figure out what's going on. The cause of this kind of movement rarely goes away on its own, which means that a little shifting often leads to a lot of shifting—and a lot of damage along the way. Often, this is a result of the movement of water, either swelling the ground or eroding it.

Crumbling. It should go without saying, but if your asphalt or concrete has started to crumble away at the edges, it's time to contact a specialist. This is a process which will only accelerate over time, so be alert to it and handle it immediately. It may not be a problem today, but it can quickly become one.

Drainage problems. If water pools in a way it didn't previously in or around your concrete or asphalt structure, it's a bad sign and likely to lead to serious damage over time. Issues with drainage are often a major cause of the other forms of damage on this list, as erosion of your asphalt or the ground beneath it will quickly lead to cracks and major shifts in the surface.

Choosing asphalt contractors

Once you decide you're going to need either repairs or a complete repaving, it's time to start looking for a contractor you can trust. Keep these five points in mind as you make your choice:

Professionalism. Professionalism should be a priority for any contractor you hire for any purpose. You want an asphalt contractor who knows how to show up on time, return a call, etc.

Reputation. A quick check of the general reputation of a contractor will do you a lot of good. Don't be afraid to ask for references or prior works to ascertain the quality of work on projects similar to yours.

warranties and guarantees. A contractor that knows what they're doing won't hesitate to back its work with warranties and guarantees meeting or exceeding industry standards. It doesn't cost anything if the job is done right, and helps with marketing and sales; ask yourself why a company would skimp on this area, with that in mind.

Communication. Getting your contractors on the phone shouldn't be a headache, and you should never be unclear on what you're paying for, when someone is showing up, or when a project will be completed. Vague pricing and communication often leads to a final invoice full of incomprehensible extra charges. Work with a contractor you can trust to tell you what you need to know.

Certifications. Asphalt paving in Dallas should be left to properly certified and bonded professionals. Make sure you ask plenty of questions about credentials of the company and the people working on your project; these certifications exist for a reason, and cutting corners will cost you in the future.

Maintaining asphalt and concrete after repairs

Whether you ultimately need repairs or not, you should make sure to pay close attention to the state of your asphalt in the months and years to come. Proper care and early response to threats will extend the lifespan of your asphalt significantly, while reducing the costs of any given repair.

Sealcoating. Regular sealcoating will save you a ton of money on intensive repairs, especially if you expect to put your asphalt to work regularly with heavy vehicles, environmental exposure, caustic chemicals from vehicles, etc.

Cleaning. Make sure you clean chemicals of all sorts off your pavement as soon as possible, due to the potential for corrosion. Industrial solvents, certain cleaning supplies, and various automotive fluids can all compromise asphalt.

Pre-winter checkup. Check up on your concrete and asphalt structures before it starts getting cold, lest you end up with serious damages after a freeze. While this is less common in Dallas than in other places, temperatures still drop below freezing often enough that you can end up with serious problems.

Moisture. Watch for the potential of water-induced damage due to poor drainage. If you notice frequent flooding or the like, fix it sooner than later.

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