Parking lot layout and Striping

Maintaining the parking lot striping in your lot will greatly improve the overall appearance of your facility. Many property and facility managers will use parking lot striping for a quick, powerful, and affordable means to invigorate the appearance of their properties. Parking lots that are properly laid-out and painted will create a sense of safety and organization for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Whether your parking lot painting project is maintenance or new construction, Parking Mates is capable of completing the job with quality and efficiency at a reasonable price.

Industry Terms Relating to Parking Lot Striping:

  • Line Striping / Line Stripping
  • Parking Lot Marking
  • Line Painting
  • Parking Area Marking
  • Line Striping
  • Line Marking
  • Asphalt Line Painting
  • Painting Stripes
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