Wheel Stops/Speed Bumps

Increasing safety in the parking lot can be achieved by reducing speed. wheel stops and speed bumps both help achieve that goal. A well-positioned wheel stop can protect structures from vehicles, as well as encourage drivers to pull all the way into parking spaces. Also, speed bumps reduce vehicle speeds making parking lots safer for pedestrians and motorists.

Types of wheel stops available :

  • Concrete / Cement
  • Rubber
  • Plastic / PVC

Types of Speed Bumps Available :

  • Concrete / Cement
  • Rubber
  • Asphalt / PVC

Types of Speed Bumps Available :

  • Wheel-Stops, Wheelstops, Wheel-Stop
  • Car Stoppers
  • Car park wheel stops
  • Car wheel stops
  • Concrete wheel stop
  • Concrete stops
  • Cement Wheel Stops
  • Plastic wheel stop
  • Precast concrete wheel stop
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